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Deep inside the tea mountain of Shuangjiang Autonomous County, Lincang,the tea manor nests here in the 10,000-mu tea garden surrounded by clouds.Listening to the pleasing sounds of the cicadas and surrounded by fresh smell of mountains and trees, people felt peacefulness as if they were in paradise. This is one of the birthplaces of the tea plant, a place where the ancient tea plants and the people around them flourish. 

Cloud Top Tea Estate is the world's largest ecological and organic oolong tea garden. The oolong tea produced by the tea estate has passed the organic certification of China, EU, USA and Japan for 4 consecutive years.

In the morning, wake up to majestic clouds around you, explore the millennial tea forest, and study art of tea with the tea masters; when the night falls, you can participate in the local bonfire carnival under the blue starry sky. Here, people lost themselves in nature. You can lay back and relax to truly apreciate the beauty of nature in the tolerance of nature. In this ancient woods where nature and human are interconnected, people follow the magical oriental leaves to be released from trivial things of daily life. It’s the place where you comprehend the meaning of life, perfect the personality of one true self, and express the true feelings of life. 

Every moment of stay here is worth remembering. The tea gardens, the morning sun, the bright moon and the ancient village together create a peaceful holiday paradise for you.